• The Alabama Theater is a motion picture castle in Birmingham, Alabama. It was worked in 1927 by Paramount's Publix Theater chain as its leader theater for the southeastern area of the United States.Seating 2,500 individuals at the time, it was the biggest in the Birmingham Theater locale. The area was once home to a horde of huge auditoriums that highlighted vaudeville, performing expressions, nickelodeons, and extensive first-run film royal residences. The Alabama is the main locale theater as yet working today. Worked to demonstrate quiet movies, the Alabama still highlights its unique Wurlitzer theater organ. Other than the Alabama, the Lyric Theater is the main auditorium as yet remaining in the locale. 


    The Alabama and its noteworthy organ were added to the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage on February 15, 1977, and to the National Register of Historic Places on November 13, 1979.The venue has been overviewed by the Historic American Buildings Survey on a few events, the last time being in 1996.

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     1817 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203, USA

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